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Sweet Home Chicago - The Blues Brothers
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
  • Prep Time ~45 min
  • Cook Time ~30 min
  • Ingredients for 2 Yield
  • Cost: Medium
  • Difficulty: Medium

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

5 /5

Pizza is pizza! How can you not love it?

The pizza par excellence is the Neapolitan one, but there are also others, always very good: the Roman pinsa, the one in a pan, the low and crispy one and then there is the Chicago pizza, also called Deep Dish Pizza.

In Italy it is little known but we assure you that it is worth trying because it is really appetizing, different from the classic one and above all it's the height of food porn! But how exactly does it differ from the others? We will explain it to you immediately: first of all the dough contains flour with low protein, corn flour and butter, it rises a few hours and is cooked inside a cake mold, its shape and structure resemble those of a tart and then its filling, which is done in reverse, that is, it starts with mozzarella, then moves on to cured meats and ends with the sauce. It is full of melted cheese, sausage, spicy salami and tomato sauce, in short, have we convinced you to try it?

💡The doses we provide you are used to create two pizzas on a 26cm pan, being a high and very stuffed pizza you decide whether to divide one for two people!


For the pizza crust:

  • 420g all purpose flour
  • 60g yellow cornmeal
  • 2g salt
  • 2g of granulated sugar
  • 7g of dry yeast 
  • 300ml of warm water
  • 120g unsalted butter divided into two equal parts (60g melted + 60g softened)
  •  olive oil to taste

For the topping:

  • 100g of mozzarella for pizza
  • provolone
  • fontina or cheddar
  • spicy salami
  • sausage
  • tomato sauce (tomato sauce, 1 clove of garlic, half a fresh chilli, extra virgin olive oil, basil, oregano, salt and pepper)
  • Parmesan to taste



Let's start by kneading the deep dish pizza dough: add yeast, all purpose flour, corn flour, sugar and salt into the bowl of the food processor. Run the food processor at moderate speed.

💡The dough can be worked either by hand or inside a food processor equipped with a hook


Add the lukewarm water and the melted butter (half of the dose, i.e. 60g)

💡 It is suggested to measure the water temperature with a kitchen thermometer, the ideal one is around 32-33 degrees. Too hot will completely kill the yeast.


Run the food processor at medium speed until the dough is well strung. If it is too hard, add a little bit of water, vice versa the flour.


Equip yourself with a very large bowl and sprinkle the surface with olive oil, then take the dough that will now come off well from the edges of the food processor and form a loaf, then insert it into the well-oiled bowl and make sure that it is entirely in contact with the oil. Cover with a cotton cloth and let it rise in a warm and humid environment until the volume doubles (1-2 hours).


When the dough has doubled in volume, flour a spacious surface where you will roll out your pizza, create a fairly thin rectangle then sprinkle the surface with softened butter, you can use a food brush if you need to.

💡Before taking the dough from the bowl give it a "punch" to remove any leavening gas. Alternatively, hit it hard against the floured surface where you are going to spread it.


Now roll the dough starting from the longest base of the rectangle, forming a roll. Divide it in half thus obtaining two loaves that you will place inside the oiled bowl that you used previously and let it rest inside the fridge for one hour, covering with clingfilm. 


In the meantime, you can make the tomato sauce:

Fry half a fresh chilli and a clove of garlic with extra virgin olive oil, then pour the tomato puree and cook over low heat for half an hour. Add aromatic herbs such as basil and oregano, salt and pepper.


Prepare the filling line:

Dice the mozzarella, slice the cheeses and salami, chop the sausage.


Roll out the first of the two doughs on a floured surface and place it inside a classic 26cm baking pan, press the dough with your fingertips and make sure that it covers the entire base and edges of the pan. Then start filling in this order: mozzarella, cheeses, cold cuts and lastly the tomato sauce; sprinkle the surface with grated Parmesan cheese. Now adjust the edge by folding it in on itself and eliminating the excess (as is done for the tart). Repeat the same procedure with the second pizza dough. Bake at 200 degrees for half an hour.

Serve it hot and stringy!



☞ Do you want to give it a touch more rock? Try the Parmesan Deep Dish Pizza version for a true Italian-American fusion dish!

♫ Nostalgic vinyl food rockers, via this link you can buy the album The Blues Brothers by The Blues Brothers.

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